Plan for College, Feel Prepared

I remember my college planning days very well. It was twenty years ago, but the memory will forever be burned into my brain. Part of the reason is because of the enormous weight of the decision.…

Feng Shui Creates Heavenly Space

Have you ever walked into a home and felt claustrophobic, like the stuff in the house might suddenly attack you, or that completely out-of-place items might trip you up on the way to the bathroom…

Organize Finances... Peace of Mind

The saying goes, “a clean home is a happy home.” But let’s get real – in the blink of an eye a home can become a pigsty. While a messy home can be aggravating, there is solace in knowing it can be…

Take Off the Kid Gloves

Anyone with kids can attest to the fact that not every day is a walk in the park. Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones and have more easy parenting days than hard ones, but in reality, parenting…

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