Increasing Daily Energy

Your alarm buzzes and you drag yourself out of bed. You immediately go to the coffee room, otherwise known as the kitchen, to take a hit of that wonderful little perk-me-up, maybe grabbing a quick…

How to Stay Young and Vibrant

We’ve all heard horror stories about the symptoms of menopause. Maybe we’ve personally suffered from them ourselves. Symptoms can be life altering ranging from night sweats that rob you of a…

Dreams: Your Inner Therapist

Dreams have a constant presence. All humans experience four to five dreams each night, on average. Even “dreamless sleepers” connect with true emotions, process daily activities, and become aware…

On the Cutting Edge

When it comes to working out, everyone has an excuse.

There are not enough hours in the day….Redoing hair and makeup takes too long…Only weirdoes hang out in the weight section….That guy…

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