Get Outdoors, Where Back Pain Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Do you hear that noise? It comes across like a soft whisper but carries the urgency of a crying horn. The great outdoors is calling your name. It is time to get outside.

The elegant Audrey…

Fitness and Self Development

PlumbTalk Women explores the physiology of stress management and talks with John Spencer Ellis, a fitness and personal development coach who shares our passion for a healthy mind-body connection…

Relationships in Recovery

Recently, I spent a glorious day shopping, indulging in sinfully tasty treats and watching one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. The film was about a couple that had been married for over a…

Design for Love and Life

Home is where we center ourselves and prepare to take on the world. It is where we go to rest our weary heads and spend time with the ones we love. We live, love, and work at home, gladly! It is a…

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