Talking Romance

In an enchanting video interview with author Gladys Marie Clancy, Dr. Shelley Plumb discovers the historical reason why men and women behave differently, how to promote healthy conflict in your…

“Size Doesn’t Matter” Self-defense

Demure, graceful and dainty is how many young girls are taught to behave. This seems to be the opposite of our male counterparts who often embrace what economist George Gilder calls “the male need…

Building Self-esteem through Portraiture

“One, two, three, smile,” says the voice behind the camera.

A soft grind. A gentle beep. Click. Shutter. Done.

If this were the worst part of taking a picture, the process wouldn’…

Climbing the Beanstalk to a Healthier, Greener Diet

If you were asked to reflect on the importance of “going green” in your diet, would you visualize Jack and the Beanstalk? OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But is it, really? In the story, the…

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