Shake That Tree

I wait, holding my breath as one rider after another crosses the finish line.  My son has been training for this race diligently and has been dreaming of placing in the top three in his division.…

Doing What Works (Part 3)

Recharge and Pre Sleeping Rituals.


“It is never too late, each of us can change ‘how we do’ if we really want to. Follow and plan a regime that works for you and only you."…

Doing What Works (Part 2)

‘Sometimes we need to let go of the old ways to discover the new…’


What I have come to know:-

When we have been given the precious gift of movement let’s use it daily…

Doing What Works

“Sometimes we need to let go of the old ways to discover the new”


What happens when you hanker after that old life? The one that has not worked for years? And still, you plough…

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