Mindful Safari

For the past, few years it has been my great privilege and joy to lead groups of people on Mindful Safaris to Africa.  Combining daily meditation sessions in nature, along with game viewing,…

Ways to Shake Up Your Career in 2017

Many people these days are finding themselves in a career rut after spending so much time building up their professional lives, and while the reasons vary, it turns out there are many different…

Financial Resolutions 2017

Today, unlike previous generations, there is an extensive array of financial information that steadily flows from the news media and the Internet.  Almost instantaneously, you can review your own…

Walk Tall


 If I asked you how tall you are what would you say?

Of the hundreds of new clients I’ve posed this question to, 99.9% of them NEVER answer definitively. Mostly, the response is “…

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